April 30, 2005

Home again

OK, it's been ridiculously long since my last update. I arrived back home about a month and a half ago and I gotta say it's been very anticlimactic. There wasn't even any real culture shock. I just quietly slipped into my same old routines and I've gotta say I'm quite bored of it by now. San Francisco is still definitely a great place but it's lost a lot of the allure that brought me here in the first place. Also, it has taken a remarkably long time but I do feel that I'm coming to the limit of new places, spaces, and things to explore in the general vicinity. So yeah, I'm sort of whiling away the time before I go to Europe and visit my sweety and go scope out places to live in Spain. If all goes according to plan, that should be in about a month or so, so that's what keeps me going.

Just a brief update, there was one guy in particular that my mate Elton introduced me to in Thailand. His name is Chai-T and he ran a bar in Ton Sai, one of the places directly in the wake of the tsunami. I was quite worried about his welfare afterwards, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, I discovered that Chai-T is alive and well, much to my relief, and continues to be the host with most on the little piece of paradise known as Ton Sai. It seems that Ton Sai, in general, managed to escape the worst of the wrath of the tsunami due to the fact that it's in somewhat of a bay and has a couple of islands just offshore that helped to protect it. I did hear several stories of rock climbers there, though, that had to scramble for safety when the tsunami struck. Thankfully, things seem to have pretty much returned to normal there now.

So I've also moved my site to a new host, graciously provided by my brother Philip. In the process I've added a few upgrades. You'll notice that there's now a link to my latest photo gallery on the right side there, and for my plugged-in techie friends, the photo gallery now has its own RSS feed, so everyone should now be able to keep up with my latest photo submissions. Speaking of which, there is now posted photos from my travels through Laos, and hopefully coming soon will be pictures from the rest of my trip -Thailand and Indonesia again. So stay tuned, y'all and drop me a line if I haven't from you for a while. Hasta luego, Pedro

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