May 09, 2005


Just wanted to urge any of my fellow Americans that care about your privacy to go check out this and please, please, if it makes you as mad as it does me, take a moment to let your representatives in Congress know about it here. The vote is tomorrow so time is of the essence. More on the subject can be found and here and here.

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We urge everyone who is upset, offended, worried, doubtful, and/or outraged at this Nazi-scheme called "Real ID" to contact your legislators and the Prez and FLAT OUT STATE THAT YOU REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE in such an invasive, diabolical contraption!

Demand an OPT-OUT option, so that you and I will not be PENALIZED for refusing to produce the demanded documentation such as our private records (birth certificate, marriage license, mortage payments, utility bills, and so on).

This is how NAZI GERMANY got started: Hitler & his demonic-buddies demanded STAMMBAUMS (Family Trees proving genealogical lineage and pure Aryan blood)--documentation to prove who and what you are/were... and to make sure your blood wasn't tainted with any Jewish genes!) First the tyrants control your INFORMATION; then they control your coming and going; and eventually they start to eradicate whatever they don't like about you--maybe to the point of eradicating YOU entirely...

We WILL NEVER SUBMIT to this enforced documentation in order to get or maintain a friggin Driver License! We will BURN our damned Driver License in protest first.

WHO THE HELL does this Bush Regime think they are, anyway?

Identity Theft is all we hear about any more, but it is these a-holes in government who are the REAL identity thefts! They are stealing our identity, our private lives, and our peace of mind. They have MADE CERTAIN that the so-called Terrorists WON! We will never have the freedom we once had, before Bush and his cronies seized the day and capitalized on 9/11 as an excuse to strip Americans of our civil liberties.

And you IDIOTS who think that a national DNA database would be a good thing are fools. You are the type Hitler adored; you are the type who MADE Hitler what he was.

The rest of you, who see this REAL ID Crap for what it truly is, a death-knell to our personal sovereignty in the USA, had better get off your butts and CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS AND THE WHITE HOUSE *NOW* AND DEMAND THAT HR#418 be overturned.

Let them find another, more appropriate way to stop illegal aliens from perverting our society. And leave the rest of us alone. We have the right to be left alone.

In fact, "the right to privacy" is what underlies the whole ABORTION RIGHTS law in this country, and that's what is REALLY driving all this governmental push to destroy privacy in America: Once there is no longer any right or expectation for privacy, they finally can OUTLAW ABORTION, and then--and only then--will those right-wing fundamentalist self-righteous Good Ol' Boys be happy!

Posted by: JustMe at May 11, 2005 12:40 AM

Takind the priviledge of driving to illegal immigrants is not helping our public safety at all what are we going to face?? People driving without a valid driver license this means NO INSURANCE and we all are going to be victims of the real ID this is gonna cost many people a lot of money. I rather much have a person that hits me with a valid insurance and know who they are.

Posted by: mariaescurra at June 9, 2005 02:30 PM

how do we stop this insanity? I will not get this card I refuse!!!

Posted by: helen at July 4, 2005 08:43 PM

I will e-mail my senators and reps that I will not vote for them if they vote to make law a national I.D. card.

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